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Novomatic UK games all over our vast planet are so popular that this manufacturer today especially does not need advertising. Novomatic started its triumphal march in conquering the hearts of gamblers around the world back in 1980, when no one had heard about Novomatic online slot machines since they simply did not exist.

In those ancient times, the game world was ruled by large iron crates, called one-armed bandits. Now in Novomatic slot machines free of charge fight everything from small to large, without thinking about how interesting the story itself is about the appearance of the legendary brand.

Although this happened in Austria, it is typical for Russia and some CIS countries – in the wine cellar. It was there that the first Novomatic slot machines were assembled. Free, as you know, little happens, so the founder of the company had to cheaply rent premises for production at a winery.

It is also noteworthy that the origins of Novomatic free slots were a real Austrian count! Wine – gambling – Count: such a chain, such a vinaigrette!

Apparently, such a mishmash of events and circumstances benefited the business, as the free games Novomatic Gaminator (Novomatic Gaminator) began to confidently and aggressively gain momentum, first in their homeland, and soon throughout Europe.

With the total prohibition of mechanical machines, Novomatic developers were among the first to realize that the whole playing world needs an outlet. So on the web began to appear free Novomatic games, which in a short time conquered millions of Internet users.

Slot machines Novomatic online: reasons for success

The legitimate question for any gambling beginner is why are Novomatic slots so popular and why are they good? The answer is simple: it’s very difficult to find them, if not impossible! These machines are a kind of quality mark in themselves, and playing them at the same time is fun, safe and profitable.


Here are very briefly the main features that Novomatic online slot machines are famous for among gamblers:

  • absolute honesty of the gameplay and the crystal reputation of the brand;
  • high (compared with most competitors) probability of winning;
  • fascination and excitement when spinning not only for money; free Novomatic games cause no less adrenaline;
  • interesting and varied plot of slots;
  • stylish design, high-quality graphics and voice acting;
  • the presence of a variety of bonus games and other reward systems.

All this taken together and provides a whole gamut of indescribable sensations when playing in any slot from Novomatic.


Novomatic company history

Founded in 1980, Novomatic began its journey as a manufacturer and distributor of ground-based gaming machines. The company is headquartered in Austria, but its slot machines can be found all over the world in land-based casinos in the United States, Asia and Europe. Novomatic is the largest provider of ground-based gaming machines, providing services in more than 70 countries and having more than 19,000 employees for Novomatic games industry worldwide.

Thanks to the popularity of Novomatic’s ground-based gaming machines, many of the most popular brand slots have gained new life in the online version. In 2011, Novomatic acquired Greentube Internet Entertainment Solutions, a company with solid experience in the online gambling industry. This acquisition helped set the stage for Novomatic slots UK in the online casino software industry.


Novomatic most famous slots

The Austrian Novomatic company was founded 35 years ago, and today has enormous experience in the development and production of software. Slots Novomatic are in demand and loved by gamblers around the world. Representatives of the concern are open in almost all European countries, and today it is a legendary brand that is respected by players and reliable.

An interesting fact from the history of Novomatic – the first gaming machines were assembled in the premises of the winery, since it was here that there was an inexpensive rental. And at the source of the company was, most of all, a real count, an Austrian by birth.

Much has been written about the reliability of Novomatic, the company has a certificate that is issued only to honest manufacturers. This explains the high percentage of product visits by gamblers who want to play the company’s slot machines.

By the way, after the gaming slots were completely prohibited, it was Novomatic who was among the first to provide players with free access to the Internet.

Novomatic means high-quality slot machines, colorful animation, original sound and music, and a high percentage of return. The vast majority of gaming machines have high profits for gamers, therefore stories about affluent players are very frequent.

You can play Novomatic slots directly from your browser, so you don’t have to download any additional software to enjoy these games on your Mac or PC. Moreover, over the past few years, Novomatic has also released mobile versions of its slot machines (mainly Android slots and iPhone slot machines), including versions of some of its most popular slots like Sizzling Hot Deluxe and Book of Ra. However, not many operators offer these games in the assortment of their mobile platforms.

Novomatic online slots, of course, did an excellent job of creating online slots that look and feel very similar to their ground-based counterparts. In this regard, most of their slot machines seem very simple and have slightly outdated graphics, which can scare away online slots players who like slot machines mostly with three-dimensional graphics, intricate bonus rounds and features. However, Novomatic slot machines have a very good reputation and are well suited to those players who like simple and easy to learn games.


Novomatic free slots

Free play Novomatic slots are quite similar, and the most popular of them have approximately similar characteristics.

High dispersion

Most important: Novomatic slot machines have volatility above average. This means that winnings fall less often, but they are larger, and the maximum payout is greater. With such slots you need to be very careful, patient and correctly allocate your game budget (unless, of course, you want to really win, and not just drain all the money). Proper use of the bankroll will allow you to win a really large amount in Novomatic slots.


Most Novomatic slots are outdated and, most often, hopeless. The company is constantly releasing more and more new versions of classic slots (primarily for land-based casinos), but in the world of virtual gambling, completely new ideas are needed, rather than finalizing old ones. Unfortunately, these machines do not differ in a diverse gameplay: most often the bonus is free spins (free spins) with retriggers. You haven’t surprised anyone with this for ten years already, but, on the other hand, it makes our task to some extent easier.

Expanding Wilds

One of the key features is expanding wilds. Such wild symbols occupy the entire reel when dropped. Moreover, most often they appear only in bonus rounds, which further enhances their significance. Strictly speaking, this feature was introduced already in later versions of Novomatic slot machines.


Many Novomatic slot machines are clones. Those. they have the same gameplay, only the theme and visual component are different. For example, Book of Ra and Lord Of The Ocean.

Few lines

On average, there are about 15 lines in the old slots, but if you take the entire line of Novomatic machines, you get about 20 lines. What is this talking about? That winnings fall less often. The more pay lines, the higher the probability of winning (of any value). On the other hand, the symbols themselves on the reels of the Austrian slots are also probably less. Be that as it may, all this points towards high dispersion, which we have already mentioned above.


Slots from Novomatic

So, all subsequent tactics and recommendations are based on the features already voiced. To begin, let’s choose one machine, on the example of which we will analyze the strategy of the game. Probably no one will be offended if this slot is Book of Ra. Everyone knows this device well, and most likely have already played it.

There are two main versions: the classic Book of Ra and Book of Ra Deluxe. In principle, they differ only in graphics and lines – in the first case 9, and in the second 10. Otherwise, these are two identical games.

In the “Book of Ra” there is a wild symbol (Man) and a scatter (Book). Three books trigger a bonus with 10 free spins. And it is the bonus game that is of paramount importance, because in this round an expanding wild is activated (it is chosen randomly before the bonus starts). When this symbol falls out, it occupies the entire drum, forming highly paid combinations. And when five such symbols appear (on all reels), you can hit a huge jackpot of up to 5,000 bets!

Perhaps Novomatica machines of this type are most interesting. There are popular company slots without expanding wilds – for example, Dolphins Pearl Deluxe, but, in our humble opinion, it is still less interesting purely from a gaming point of view. How to use this information?

Slots Novomatic are aimed at users of all generations of gambling fans, primarily due to the wide variety of stories and themes. In the brand’s collection of slots, any player, regardless of interests and preferences, will be able to pick up a game from Novomatic in the Goxbet gaming room, which will become his favorite.

It remains only to list some of the best Novomatic Interactive slots, which left the most noticeable mark in the history of the modern gaming industry. It is with them that it is recommended to begin your acquaintance with this legendary provider.

Book of Ra

Of course, you should start with Book of Ra, or Books. The gaming slot offers you to plunge into the amazing history of Ancient Egypt, full of secrets and mysteries. You are given a unique chance to try to solve one of them – the mystery of the mystical Book of Ra, in the company of an enthusiastic archaeologist in the labyrinths of one of the gray pyramids of Giza. In addition, there is an improved version of this video slot – the game Book of Ra Deluxe 6, in which the player can access not 5, but 6 whole reels and an increased number of paylines.


The book is a bonus symbol in this game, it opens up a super-profitable free spins mode, and gave it a second name. Is there much to say about the popularity of this slot if it has been re-released more than 15 times?

Lucky lady’s charm

The game Lucky Ladys Charm fans are often called a machine with a real female essence. At first glance, the Lucky Lady Charm slot machine is a pastoral slot with game signs indicating luck. But, depending on the mood of the omnipotent Lady of Fortune (which every Player worships deep down), the main character can either pick up everything or return a bet in multiple sizes.

Dolphin’s Pearl

The video slot Pearl of the Dolphin (best known as the Dolphin) is dedicated to the depths of the ocean so attractive to mankind and their inhabitants – schools of fish, ramps, sea horses, crabs, etc. Here, the smartest mammals on the planet carefully guard the treasures of sunken ships, which the player will have to find during gameplay. Beautiful animation and no less spectacular sound track emphasize the magic of the tale of the seabed.

In addition, you can highlight such games as: Sizzling Hot, Bananas Go Bahamas, Always Hot slot machine, Deuces Wild and Mega Joker slots.


Novomatic games for mobile devices

Why do Novomatic slots remain relevant for decades? Despite the rapid development of the industry, the emergence of a huge number of new, at first glance, more modern providers, and many other external factors? This is largely due to their availability from mobile devices.

It’s all about the many advantages of Novomatic slot machines, which raise them to the bar of quality and popularity, which is truly unattainable for most other manufacturers of video slots. Novomatic does not follow international quality standards, but independently sets them.

The key advantages of Novomatic gambling products include:

  • an unprecedentedly wide range of genres, themes, directions and stories, which makes slots oriented to players of all generations and categories;
  • recognizable style of design, the similarity of the soundtrack, the presence of machines, both with the classic – Gaminator Novomatic, and with more functional and modern functionality – Greentube Interactive;
  • simplicity of the game process, the availability of a detailed description of all the rules and characteristics of each vendor product in the Payout Table;
  • profitability, which is ensured by a high percentage of returning bets to players, high volatility, attractive payout ratios and simple but often falling and generous bonuses (represented in most cases by free spins);
  • convenient and clear classification of machines by series – Classic, Deluxe, BTD, Greentube, etc .;
  • the use of a certified random number generator and unique game mechanisms (fully reproducing the algorithms of “one-armed bandits”) makes the game process as exciting and unpredictable as possible;
  • translation of the game interface into more than 20 world languages ​​(including the Russian-language version of the reproduction).

It is physically impossible to win in slot machines from Novomatic without a proper understanding of their work. Especially if you are used to playing Starburst or other NetEnt slots, which often give out winnings. Your psyche is unlikely to cope with long periods of constant drains, which, for the most part, are guaranteed on Novomatic. Without a bonus game in the “Book of Ra”, there is a high probability that you will drain the money quickly enough. To understand the situation, you need to have nerves of steel and the experience of previous sinks / wins. You can even merge several deposits in a row, but if you play in a licensed casino with the original Novomatics, they will definitely refund a part of this amount, the entire amount deposited or in excess of this value after some time.