Online progressive jackpot slots have rightly gained immense popularity in the world of online casino games. And this is not surprising, because among the countless variety of slots, any player can find something for themselves.

The attractiveness of video slots is understandable: they are simple and understandable to everyone. All that is required of the player is a bit of luck and patience. One of the most popular types of online slots is progressive jackpot games. Their feature is that any player has a chance to hit the jackpot, which can change his whole life.

Progressive slots online are brighter than non-progressive machines. They will immediately attract the attention of visitors. The chances of winning on a progressive machine are very low, because competition is so common. Non-progressive cars are independent cars with lower jackpots. They are not associated with machines in other casinos. The odds of winning the jackpot are slightly higher with non-progressive machines. Although basically everyone who gambles would like to play progressive machines with big jackpots, they can pay off in a casino for thousands of kilometers.

Experienced players always play progressive slots uk with their dream of victory in life, a large amount of money. They also know that the two main components of progressive slot machines are the big payoff and a powerful factor. Some machines have a payline of nine lines, while others may have a pay line of twenty-five lines. The games are very similar, but the payout is different, and the number of times a bonus win comes in also matters.

Even all the most moderate players in online casinos secretly hope to get a big win in their favorite slot, which they have been playing for several days, or unexpectedly win a tidy sum in a new game, making just a couple of spins. And of course, the best thing that can happen to an online casino player is to get a progressive jackpot.

The progressive jackpot slots offer one or more jackpots, the amount of which accumulates as all players around the world play in all online casinos that have such a game or games in their portfolio. Part of the funds from each spin of each player falls into the common pool, which allows the jackpot to accumulate and grow every minute. Most often, the gaming display of such slot machines is designed so that each player can see the total jackpot amount increasing in real time.

The percentage of progressive slots games in the total number of online slot machines is not so large, however, the player will still have to smash his head to choose the best cumulative jackpot.


What Is a Progressive Slot, and How Does It Work?

A lot of players have question what are progressive slots. Before we talk about the working principles of progressive slots jackpots, we mention two main varieties of such online slots:

  1. Separate jackpot slots (Standalone progressive jackpot slots) – the jackpot is formed within the framework of one specific game and increases every time players bet on it.
  2. Network jackpot slots (network progressive jackpot slots) – here several slot games are combined at once, which accumulate a common jackpot. Its size is usually much higher than in separate jackpot slots. It is the second type of progressive jackpots that can be found most often in online casinos.
  3. Standard video slots differ from jackpot slots in that in them a player can only win a strictly fixed amount, while the sum of progressive jackpots is constantly growing. In such slots, a small percentage of each bet goes to the total prize pool. This continues until someone hit the jackpot. Then the whole process is repeated again.

When playing progressive slots free online, you should remember some of the main features of such games. Firstly, the online casino always displays the jackpot size at the moment. Usually it is clearly visible in the game itself.

Secondly, not all players know that the higher the bet in this kind of slots, the higher the chance to get the coveted jackpot. Of course, not everyone can use the game feature “Maximum Bet”, but remember that in games with a progressive jackpot it is better to bet as much as you can afford.

To win a small jackpot, it is necessary to use progressive slot machines with low dispersion. Such slots quickly collect a certain amount of money, and it is played out. To play correctly on such slots, you need to know how do progressive slots work and abandon the minimum bet, as it won’t help to win. In progressive jackpot slot machines, you need to bet more than other players in order to gain an advantage over them. It is recommended to play when the jackpot is “hot”, that is, when there are high chances of winning it.

In modern online casinos there are several types of jackpots. On progressive slots, most often there is a separate jackpot. That is, a certain amount of money is formed from the players ’bets, which will then go to the most active player who makes the most bets. There are slot machines with a fixed jackpot, the amount of which is known in advance. It is more difficult to win such a jackpot, since a fixed amount can be large. Winning a small jackpot is always easier, so do not chase large amounts of money. Sometimes you can win a network jackpot on slots of the same manufacturer, but this rarely happens. Each casino also has its own jackpot, because this is necessary in order to attract players. The easiest way is to win the maximum amount on progressive slots, while you need to choose only popular games that are often launched so that the jackpot is replenished faster. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to immediately get such a win, but it is recommended to persevere and continue to play, because in addition to the maximum amount, you can get other wins, and not bad.


How to win a Progressive Jackpot?

Thus, the progressive jackpot creates an extensive network of machines, thanks to which its value is growing rapidly. Slot machines with such jackpots are distinguished by large winnings, which attract a huge number of players.

In order to withdraw a big jackpot, you must be in a state of regular play on the same machine, making deposits. In fact, statistics show that free progressive slots online are won by players who put the maximum on the machine. So if you have a relatively small budget for gambling, then playing on this type of machine would not be the right choice. On the contrary, if nothing scares you, and you think that you can win the progressive jackpot, then feel free to start the fun.

When playing online progressive slots, it is better to make the maximum bet to have a chance to win a big jackpot. The same applies to non-progressive machines. If the maximum amount is not set and the winnings come back up, only part of the jackpot will win. Non-progressive slots may have lower payouts, but they seem to pay more often on a regular basis. Both categories of slot machines are interesting .. Some people believe that there is no difference between these 2 types of machines and the risk of losing is the same everywhere. In one of the cases when you decide to play on a progressive machine, there may be a time when he gets a big win. Play with a positive attitude and believe in a chance to hit the jackpot on both progressive and non-progressive slot machines.

Tips from professional players to use in free progressive slots:

  1. Any video jackpot slot should be thoroughly studied. Before placing real money, go to the information section and get acquainted with the rules for winning the maximum prize.
  2. Give preference to jackpot machines that have not been won for at least 4 weeks and have an impressive size.
  3. Play classic video slots with three reels – it is much easier to win in them, because in such games there are fewer prize signs, which means that the chance of creating the right combination increases.
  4. To win the entire progressive jackpot, you need to make maximum bets. Do not spare money if you want to win more.
  5. If you managed to get a prize pool of a slot machine, then do not place bets in it until a new jackpot is formed.


Online Slots with a Progressive Jackpot

On our site the players can find a lot of free progressive slots with a progressive jackpot. Two of the most popular among them are listed below:

Ultimate Hot. When the tricked out and innovative progressive slots online fre  are tired and you want to get portions of nostalgia, we recommend paying attention to the Ultimate Hot slot machine from EGT. It belongs to classic games, so it only has three reels, three rows of symbols and five ways to get a win. It won’t work out a jackpot of a million coins, because the maximum reward reaches 90,000. The potential of this slot is high, and the payout for the top combination is only 60 bets. As for the recoil, due to the small number of paylines, Ultimate Hot allows a fairly large series of empty spins.

You can consider this slot machine for playing for bonus money, but personally I prefer and recommend using progressive online slots with a large number of lines to fulfill the wagering requirements. When playing for real money, the best option is short and medium distances in order to receive a series of average payments. Longer distances on this slot machine are not recommended, as they will be with a negative result.

The provider did not bother, so a standard risk game was involved. In it, guess the color of the card and double the winnings. A classic game with progressive jackpots is also available, which is launched randomly. To collect one of the four main prizes – collect three identical cards.

Supreme Hot. There are 27 ways to win prize combinations on the Supreme Hot slot machine. This parameter is not adjustable. Four windows are displayed above the drums. Each of them displays the size of the progressive jackpot, which can only be won in a real game. EGT has included 4 progressive jackpots in the Supreme Hot slot machine (peak, diamonds, hearts and clubs). Their size is displayed in the windows above the reels. But the chance to get the maximum prize is given only in a real game. There is no progressive jackpot in the best progressive slots on the free version of the slot machine.

Thus, Supreme Hot slot machine has a minimum number of options. The only additional round of the slot is a card guessing risk game. One-armed bandit can please fans of classic fruit machine guns.

The choice should be based on which game you prefer, but in any case, you must know the rules of the game. There are a number of rules that govern the possibility of participating in the progressive jackpot, and they must be read! It is also important to know what is the minimum bet in the game that you want to choose. You should choose a game in which the minimum bet in which to participate in the jackpot does not exceed the amount allowed for you. Thus, you can make as many bets as possible and increase the chances of winning the jackpot, while not spending all your capital.

One fact that you should keep in mind when playing in progressive jackpot slots is that you will have to make the maximum bet in order to be able to win a prize. We do not always recommend making the maximum bet on slot machines, but do not play progressive slots if you are not going to bet the maximum. You can’t imagine the disappointment that you will feel if you win the jackpot, but get a significantly lower payout just because you did not make the maximum bet.