In the United States, pennies are an interesting concept. This is the currency of the lowest denomination that we have, and it costs almost nothing. In fact, there are proponents of eliminating pennies who advocate making nickel the lowest denominated currency available.

Penny slots are one way of using casino psychology to gain an edge over players. Calling some of their slot machines “penny slots”, they make these games seem more accessible than they really are, which attract players who might avoid nickel or quarter slots.

The uniqueness of the American penny lies in its dual nature. On the one hand, it is a full-fledged means of payment. And on the other hand, few people take it seriously. After all, a penny itself has almost zero purchasing value. But it is precisely in this “almost” that lies all the insidiousness of this little copper coin in online penny slots.

The fact is that slot machines accepting pennies as bets are psychologically perceived as very profitable. If the client has a choice between 25-, 10- and 1-cent machines, preference will most likely be given to the latter option and free penny slots. And the fact that the maximum bet per spin on a 25-line 5-reel penny slots online is as much as $ 1.25 usually passes by the player’s attention.


Popular Penny Slots

For decades, nickels have been the most popular slot machines in American casinos. In the late 1960s, Bally Manufacturing developed the Money Honey slot, which could play up to five coins. Players played well in penny slots machines, even if they played more with one click of the one-armed bandit’s handle. More recently, casinos replenished with penny slots.

The name “Penny Slot” can best be described by the expression “Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing” due to the association of mental images or feelings with words when listening to the phrase “Penny Slot”. In other words, it can be perceived that a penny slot should cost only a penny.

The first thing that comes to mind when you think about online penny slots free play is the image when you sit down and put some copper Abe Lincolns in the car and pull the pen in the hope of winning a dollar or two. There is nothing further from the truth.

New penny slots tips are multi-line machines that accept a lot of coins per line.

To play penny slots online free, you should approach the game with caution. It is recommended not to press the maximum rotation button automatically. Reading Help The screen can help you find out how many coins are required to bet on all lines. Then it’s easier to decide how many coins and credits you need to risk per spin. One way to get started is to select just a few lines or one coin per spin.

Humans are creatures of habit and gambling because of instant gratification. Penny slots have a high hit rate, which confuses people. This is fun and exciting, but in most cases the gain is less than the initial bet on the spin. In other words, bells and whistles sound regularly, but for small payments. In most cases, players risk something like 100 coins and receive a reward of 18 coins.

When players constantly get small gains, psychology begins to act, and the mind thinks, “Great, I win.” In fact, the player’s initial deposit is reduced to zero.

In particular, the main problem with slot machines and penny slots is that your own personal bankroll is much smaller than in a casino.

In general, players should enjoy playing slots, but keep in mind that gambling is a game of chance, especially on cheap slots. A handful of cents is still one dollar per spin. If players play more per spin, they often fail, and this can happen very quickly.


Progressive Penny Slots

One of the main mistakes made by players in free penny slots online is a game without a certain budget. They suggest that since they play at such low rates, they don’t have to worry about how much they spend. But even if you play only one penny per spin, losses can run fast enough.

This is how casinos view a slot machine – this is a gambling device that occupies a certain place in the casino hall. The casino has a limited amount of space and the manager’s task is to maximize the amount of money that the institution makes from one square meter. If in this situation you are a manager and you have a game that takes a penny for a spin, but it takes the same amount of space as a game that takes a spin for a dollar, then how do you compensate for such a big difference in rates?

The answer lies in the fact that you reduce the percentage of payments on machines with lower rates. In Las Vegas, all machines must have a payout percentage of at least 75% by law, but high limit slots often have a payout percentage of 93% or more. But what does this mean directly in dollars and cents? The average  free penny slots casino player makes about 600 spins per hour. If this player puts one penny per spin, then he will invest $ 6.00 in the game per hour. But if this player puts one dollar on the spin, then in an hour he will invest $ 600.00 in the game.

Payout Percentage is the theoretical amount of money a player will get back for that hour. Thus, if you play a penny slot with a payout percentage of 75%, you will receive $ 4.50 back, that is, a net loss of $ 1.50 per hour. If you play on the dollar for a spin with a payout percentage of 93%, you will get $ 558 back, and the net loss will be $ 42.

Of course, these are just theoretical amounts applicable to an infinite number of spins. Anything can happen over a short distance, but the playing penny slots has a mathematical advantage that is very difficult to beat. They can set the payout percentage on a dollar machine at 99%, and it will still be more profitable for a casino than a penny slot.


Penny Slots Playability

But the average player in the slots does not put just one penny per spin. The average player makes a maximum bet, which can be equal to five cents per line, in addition, it can be (probably) an automaton with several lines, for example, nine. Now the player puts 45 cents on each spin, which increases the total amount that he invests in the game to $ 270 per hour. With a payout of 75%, this player can expect to lose $ 67.50 per hour.

Thus, players on penny slots lose on average more per hour than players on dollar slots, despite the fact that they play at lower rates.

Clever penny-slots players pay attention to such things and do not fall for the psychological tricks that are present in these machines.

How to win more in free online penny slots for fun

You will find a lot of tips on how to maximize your wins and minimize your losses in penny slots. Some of this information will be useful, but most will be just a scam.

For example, on one site on the Internet, I read that you should increase the size of bets when you win and reduce the size of bets when you lose. This is pointless advice because it just doesn’t matter. Each spin of the reels on penny slots is an absolutely independent event. The fact that you won (or lost) will not have any effect on the result of your next spin. Therefore, raising or lowering the size of your bet will also have no effect.

Penny slots strategy are a great way to have fun at online casinos without worrying about the threat of hard-earned money. These slot machines are designed to be fun, giving you the chance to win a decent amount of money. Since they cost only a penny, you do not need to empty your wallet to play. More importantly, you still have a chance to win real money in online slots.

Online slots are a pretty interesting online entertainment addition introduced to complete the authentic casino experience for online players. You’ve probably often seen movies in which people deposit coin after coin into slot machines at the Las Vegas casino. Well, now the fun and thrill associated with traditional penny slots is just a few clicks or taps of your finger if you play on your smartphone or tablet.

The beauty of such a game is that these gaminators have additional features, bonus rounds and mini-games that are simply not possible in traditional mechanical penny slot games. You can play these games in your browser (often downloading is not required) and take advantage of all these additional features without leaving your own home, away from the traditional dazzling casino in places like Las Vegas or Atlantic City. You simply load your cash balance, then press the “Start” button and see if the reels fall out in combinations that will bring a win.

Each individual penny slots free no download game has its own set of rules, bonus rounds and winning combinations, so make sure you are in the know before you start playing. If you look at the end of your chosen game of penny slots, you can find a button marked “Paytable” or something like that. Click on it, and you will be shown all the important facts and figures about the car that you have chosen.

As a rule, in penny slot games there are a number of winning lines from which you can choose only one for a coin. In almost all online games with penny slots, you can choose the number of pay lines you want to play with, and, of course, the more lines, the higher the chance of winning.

Watch for special symbols on slot machines known as “scatters” – usually they can appear anywhere on the reels and automatically cause a win. The more scatter symbols you get, the higher your prize. Quite often, if you get a few scattered symbols, you will find yourself in a special game in which you can win extra money.


Mobile Compatibility

Free penny slots no download can be a lot of fun, but a game can cost you more money than you expected. Engage in self-education on the mathematical realities on which these games are based even before you start putting money into them.

There is a special category of slot machines, which are known as Penny Slots. What are they interesting for, for which players are most suitable and what are they for? The answers to all these questions are under the cut.

Penny slots are slot machines that allow you to make a fixed bet of one penny or one cent per pay line. Most often, these are relatively old slot machines, which are still ready to launch a person into the game with a rate of 1 penny per spin and play penny slots.

Who are these slot machines for? For players who are not ready to make big bets, but at the same time want to play longer by making small bets. At the same time, they still have a chance to win a big jackpot and get a large amount of money, but this chance is illusively small (you can find such machines on the online casino website Thus, it turns out that a person gets the opportunity to play for a long time and gambling at a slot machine, while without a chance to lose a large amount, but also almost without a chance to win a large amount.

Why does casino need this? Then, no matter how much the player takes care of his little money, he will lose it anyway, quickly it will happen or for a long time. For this reason, penny slots are still popular in regular and online casino penny slots, where they are in no hurry to remove and replace them with more advanced and modern slot machines. Plus banal psychology: players like the game process itself more than possible winnings. And playing on such slot machines is also nice.

However, do not underestimate penny slots with a large number of paylines. There are such cars that if you put a penny on each line, then the total bet will be about $ 10! However, as a result, the total winnings will most likely not beat the entire size of the bet, but how much fun it is to distribute your cents!

Therefore, we can safely recommend free slots penny to those players who are just starting to play, as well as those who are constrained in finances, but would like to play a few hours with a couple of dollars in their pocket.