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Slots have come a long way since the end of the 19th century, when the mechanic Charles Fey introduced the first slot machine to the general public. Gone are the days when the only reel slot option was to play 3 reel machines with a limited number of paylines. In recent decades, 5-reel slots, commonly called video slots, have become the standard and make up the majority of online casino gaming portfolios.

5 reel slots represent a more advanced and complex form of the game in terms of features, appearance, gameplay and winning combinations. In addition, there is a wide variety of topics and bet limits that correspond to individual preferences and bankroll sizes of any type of slot machines. The next article is about introducing newcomers to the basics of slots and the key features of 5-reel slots, so if you are new to the game, make sure you read.

By far the most popular online slot with five reels among all slot machines is the owner of the most interesting and exciting topics, bonuses and mini-games known today. With themes ranging from cavemen to space aliens, from television sitcoms to movie classics, players can find a huge number of slots that honor their interests outside of gambling.


Slot machines are divided into categories in several ways, one of which is how many reels are present in a particular game. Drums are vertical sections that you force to rotate by pressing the spin button. The slot machine can have three, five or seven reels, which are multiplied by three or more rows, creating a grid of symbols that must stand in a certain combination on the paylines so that you get a prize. The number of paylines is very different from game to game, but most free 5 reel slots have a standard 20 pay lines.

Hot Shot is one of the most popular 5 reel slot machines in Vegas that has not lost popularity many years after its release.


What is a 5 Reel Slot?

Free casino 5 reel slots are the most common type of slots, and it is not just that. They have exciting introductory videos, great in-game animations, and arcade-type mini-games that open up quite often to you. Modern five-reel slots are not at all like old mechanical machines with three reels of the past days.

The fact that there are more winning combinations on online 5 reel slots increases the player’s chances to collect one of them. However, as with all slot machines, payments are determined by the chip in the game, so statistically small wins will happen much more often, and large wins will be much less common. Of course, a fluke will often be the common denominator of major wins, regardless of the number of reels in the game.

Thanks to random number generators, which is present in all free games slots 5 reel, the promised payout percentage of the game will be the same regardless of who plays for the machines or how long he or she does. You may be very lucky during one session, but the longer you play, the more the game will approach its pre-set payout percentage.

If you can afford it, then playing at the maximum bet in most of your spins can sometimes increase your chances of winning a good jackpot. It is important to remember what game you play. While some will play regardless of anything, more experienced players know that you get increased chances if you bet the maximum number of coins in some online 5 reel slots.

Each player will always have their own idea of ​​an ideal slot machine, but it is difficult to make a mistake with extremely exciting modern five-reel slots. Five reel slots satisfy the needs of each and every player thanks to features that include numerous bonuses and videos, interactive games and scatter symbols.


Advantages and Disadvantages of 5 Reel Games

5 reel slots free online work on approximately the same principle. The player’s goal is to align the winning combination of matching symbols on one (or more) active paylines to collect the payout. Video slots typically have five vertical sections, known as reels, which are set in motion when a player presses the spin button or pulls a lever. Each of the five reels contains a certain number of characters, as well as a certain number of “stops”, which varies depending on the game. Each 5-reel slot is weighed or pre-programmed to return a certain payback percentage over time.

Expanded free 5 reel slots online have more paylines, allowing players to land more winning combinations and increase their profitability. The number of paylines on advanced 5-reel slots can sometimes exceed one hundred, but most titles offer ten to fifty paylines. The lines can run across the reels horizontally and diagonally or even in a zigzag fashion and take V-shapes.

In many cases, paylines are customizable, giving players the ability to choose the lines they want to activate and place bets on. However, if a winning combination falls on a deactivated line, this will not be considered a victory and the slot will not be paid. In some five-reel slots, the number of pay lines is fixed, which means that players cannot choose which lines to bet on, but must bet on all lines for each revolution.

In real casinos, five-reel slot machines pushed out three drum “one-armed bandits” very quickly. New machines offered players colorful graphics, bonuses, free spins. With the advent of online casinos, slot machines have revived again, and their popularity has surpassed roulette and many other gambling games.


Payouts on 5 Reel Machines

No need to leave your apartment anywhere – sit down at your computer and immerse yourself in the fascinating world of excitement. The game club offers its visitors a large amount of entertainment, and each slot will be able to boast of its interesting story, unique design and great functionality.

Software manufacturers do not forget about those machines that were pioneers and now very often in an online casino you can meet a new machine with three reels, except five, but in a new guise. But many players are wondering what is the best machine to choose – with three or five reels in the hope of a big win?

Many people think that on free online 5 reel slots it is more difficult to get a winning combination. This would be true if the machine was mechanical and operated by a drive and many shafts and gears. But modern slot machines are electronics and a random number generator. No need to make any effort, click with the mouse and get the result. Slots with both 3 and 5 reels differ in the set payout amount of approximately 95%. Therefore, the number of reels does not matter at all to receive a win, because the prospect of payments laid down in the machine is the same. For example, one machine will pay the amount today, and the second in a week, but the payment will happen.

But if you compare the payout tables on 3 and 5 reel bonus slots, it immediately catches the eye that the 5-reel slot machine for creating winning opportunities looks more solid. For a small victory, at least three identical symbols on the pay line should appear on it, and special symbols can also multiply the gain. But you still need to hope for luck, and it can be volatile.


Why Choose a 5 Reel Slot?

To try your luck and relax, you do not even need to replenish the deposit and take risks with real money. It is enough to choose a demo mode and play on conditional loans issued free of charge by the casino. “Winning” cannot be cashed, but the pleasure of the process will be quite real. In addition, it is a convenient and safe way to master an unfamiliar machine.

Since the virtual “hall” has no boundaries, it contains infinitely many machines. The selection of slots online is staggering! Yes, there are chamber online casinos 5 reel slots free that specialize in a particular type of slot (for example, fruit) or represent a specific developer. But most of the establishments are multi-brand, with games covering all possible subjects and subjects, from fruit classics to adventures of Marvel characters.

An important advantage of online clubs is the availability of promotions, bonuses, special offers. Most casinos try to make such compliments in order to attract new and stimulate old customers.

To visit the casino does not even have to leave the house. All you need to play online slot machines is high-speed Internet and a computer, tablet or smartphone. Such casinos work around the clock.

Of course, you must first come of age, but otherwise there are no restrictions. Even registration is not always necessary. You don’t have to worry about privacy or publicity.

Regular slots differ in the number of reels, winning combinations and the presence of bonuses. With online slots, things are exactly the same. Having entered the online casino, you can choose a slot machine with 3, 5 or 9 reels, additional levels and bonuses. As practice shows, 3 types of slot machines are most popular:

Classic slots for 3 and 5 reel slots for free are the most common group of slot machines. Playing them is simple and fun. Especially if the gameplay involves the passage of story quests. The most popular: Endorphina, BetSoft, Netent.

The topic of online casino games turned out to be so interesting that psychologists began to look for reasons why people generally start to play. By common works, they managed to form theories that explain the love of slot machines.

So, according to scientists, all players are divided into 4 categories that go to the casino:

For the sake of winning. This is logical – in a couple of minutes you can earn more on slots than in a few months on regular work.

For the sake of losing. Scientists have proven that the desire to win back after losing motivates more than the euphoria of victory.

For the sake of uncertainty. When you spin the drum, you can only hope that a good combination will fall out. According to psychologists, this expectation provokes a huge release of dopamine into the blood and causes very vivid experiences.

For pleasure. It turns out that many go to the casino not for the sake of earning, but to enjoy the gameplay.

But the main reason, of course, is earnings. And you will be surprised to know how long the slots appeared and how much you can win on them.

First of all, look at the availability of certificates, check by whom and when the license was issued. Also check if this site is included in the ratings of online casinos.

In the world there are not many audit companies-testers. Among the best:

  • eCOGRA is the UK leader in online casino testing and certification.
  • iTech Labs – an Australian company is testing web casinos and poker rooms.
  • GLI is the oldest auditor of a wide variety of products, from slot machines to live dealer games.

The presence on the site with 5 reel slots free play of a certified mark of one of these three respected companies is enough to cast doubt on the honesty of the casino. The reels in such a club will spin in strict accordance with the effect of chance, and all winnings are generated crystal clear.