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We double your first deposit!Deposit up to €1000 to play with €2000plus 100 Free Spins on Starburst


We double your first deposit!Deposit up to €1000 to play with €2000plus 100 Free Spins on Starburst

N1 Casino

We double your first deposit!Deposit up to €1000 to play with €2000plus 100 Free Spins on Starburst


We double your first deposit!Deposit up to €1000 to play with €2000plus 100 Free Spins on Starburst


We double your first deposit!Deposit up to €1000 to play with €2000plus 100 Free Spins on Starburst


We double your first deposit!Deposit up to €1000 to play with €2000plus 100 Free Spins on Starburst


We double your first deposit!Deposit up to €1000 to play with €2000plus 100 Free Spins on Starburst


We double your first deposit!Deposit up to €1000 to play with €2000plus 100 Free Spins on Starburst


We double your first deposit!Deposit up to €1000 to play with €2000plus 100 Free Spins on Starburst


The Skrill payment system, formerly Moneybookers, is widely used in online casinos for settlements between a player and an institution. As one of the most popular payment systems in Europe, Skrill is integrated in all our affiliate casinos.

In terms of taxes on winnings, Skrill is the safest payment system for the gambling business, as it does not obey the regulatory authorities and does not exchange tax data (at least for the moment). At the same time, it has a British license, which guarantees the security of both personal and financial information of users.

Only gambling establishments are presented in the list, in the honesty and reliability of which we are fully confident. For a detailed description of the casino, click on the link with its name. And for registration and game – the button “Play”.

Skrill is a leader among the payment systems used for payments in the online gambling industry and freelance. Known as Moneybookers since 2001, the company today has a fairly high reputation both as users and among business sites.

  • Does not work with unlicensed suppliers of gambling and lotteries,
  • has a flexible loyalty system for active users (VIP statuses),
  • replenishment of gambling sites for free and instantly,
  • low fees
  • credit card replenishment or from a bank account,
  • Skrill plastic cards are available for the Russian Federation and the European Union,
  • withdrawal: to a bank account, to a bank card or from a Skrill card,
  • additional tools, such as one-touch payment
  • and much more, which ensures the popularity of both the payment system and the casino working with Skrill.

Online casinos that accept Skrill are quite variable because it’s perspective direction for the online gambling sphere. Skrill casinos uk  are ready to offer special conditions for the players.


A Brief History

Skrill is primarily used to store and transfer winnings to online gambling. The company was originally called Moneybookers, and although gambling is still supported by Skrill, it has evolved into several other products and services.

For example, a mobile wallet is provided by Skrill, and you also have the option to sign up for e-commerce services, also known as payment processing.

The main advantage of using Skrill is how easy it is to send, receive and store payments to a wide range of countries. It seems that Skrill is driving international deals, and therefore sometimes business in a more “risky” country may have no choice but to go to Skrill.

Thus, the benefits are that Skrill takes more risk than other payment processors such as PayPal. He is known for excellent safety measures to compensate for the risk.

Another thing is that Skrill, as you know, allows payments for more risky industries. This includes gambling, adult services and firearms. This is not a guarantee, but in several user reviews, note that it will be much easier for you to associate time with Skrill than with PayPal if you sell something like that.

But this type of risk is associated with price. Services and products are almost the same compared to competitors, so you do not get anything superfluous. However, prices and fees are not competitive, and I am inclined to suggest that this has something to do with the risk that Skrill takes.

So, if you do business in a country or industry that is not supported by PayPal (read our full PayPal Review), Skrill will start to look more attractive. But this does not make much sense for companies in the United States or in most European countries.


Deposit Using Skrill

You can use any of the platforms available to you listed below.

Fixed client program: Log in with your account and click on the “Cashier” button. Click on the “Skrill” button and follow the on-screen instructions.

Mobile application: To replenish the account, log in with your account, open the “Payment methods” tab in the lobby and click on the “Deposit” button. Click on the “Skrill” button and follow the on-screen instructions.

Web Client: Log in with your account and click on the “Deposit” button. Click on the “Skrill” button and follow the on-screen instructions.

Perhaps one of the best ways to deposit at an online casino is the ability to use the same Skrill account on a large number of different sites. Your Skrill account is linked to your bank account, which makes it easier to withdraw money from one site and deposit it elsewhere. It is also a quick and convenient method. There are no delays with deposit. The money you deposit must immediately appear on poker accounts, in online casinos or sports sweepstakes.

Also, the Skrill method is very flexible, you can use most other ways to replenish your account. For example, you have a credit card that does not accept you anywhere, and you can use your Skrill e-wallet, which, in turn, is accepted at this particular place. The list of the casinos with Skrill deposit is constantly expanded.

In addition, in recent months, Skrill has added a new cryptocurrency service. Now you can instantly switch between more than 100 alternative payment methods and 40 fiduciary currencies in Bitcoins, Bitcoin cash, ether and Litecoin, without requiring additional verification. It has never been so easy to buy cryptocurrency using the preferred local method!

Finally, the Skrill method gives many online players a sense of security in online transactions. Depositing and withdrawing funds from your Skrill account is generally very safe, your personal financial information is always protected, since only Skrill’s email address is used for online transactions.


Withdraw from a Skrill Casino

There are also two ways to withdraw money – a bank account and a card. For the first case, you will need the account number and the SWIFT code of your bank (the SWIFT code is the Bank identification code, you can find it on the bank’s website or ask the bank itself). We enter these data at the first withdrawal of money. A commission of 5.5 euros is charged for the transfer.

Card verification is the same as when depositing funds. But the commission for withdrawing funds in this case will be 4.99% for withdrawing money to a MasterCard and 7.5% for withdrawing to a Visa card.

There is no fee for using Skrill payment system for personal purposes if a user logged into his account or completed at least one transaction during this period.

Otherwise, a service fee of 5 euros (or the equivalent of this amount) is charged, which is monthly deducted from the balance in the account until the balance is reset.

In the Skrill payment system, each user has the opportunity to receive one of the VIP statuses: Bronze (“bronze”), Silver (“silver”), Gold (“gold”) or Diamond (“diamond”). Skrill’s VIP status depends on the amount of deposits made by the user: the larger the volume of transactions, the higher the level and reward, and the more favorable the tariffs for transactions in the system.

One of the biggest benefits of Skrill is dual authentication through the mobile app. This means that your safety is at a high level.

You will get even more benefits when you become a VIP player. To become a member of the Skrill VIP Club, you must replenish your account with $ 6,000 every three months. Privileges include a personal manager who speaks your language, invitations to events and promotions, as well as money back campaigns, special bonuses and much more.

However, it is important to note that the Skrill rating is “D-” at the nonprofit Better Business Bureau as of April 2016. The position was affected by 66 complaints received by the BBB over the past 3 years. As of August 2016, CardPaymentOptions rated Skrill 1.8 points out of 5. The reason for this was the numerous complaints of users complaining that the company was holding customer funds. Despite all this, we still consider Skrill a good choice, especially for those who do not live in the United States. The system site is available in 12 languages, including Russian, is PCI / DSS compatible and is protected by 256-bit SSL encryption.


Why Skrill is Used in Online Casinos?

In all casinos that accept Skrill, which is best known among European users as an alternative to PayPal, you can easily find it through the filter on our website. In some casinos you will notice that there are no bonuses for replenishing through Skrill, and some institutions can offer you quite decent bonuses for deposits made with Skrill.

Unlike other payment systems, Skrill does not earn money on individuals and ordinary users, but on casinos and stores. On average, Skrill withholds from the casino 1.5 – 5% of the amount of the deposit made by the player. Perhaps that is why casinos do not really like large deposits and payments on Skrill.

For example, you replenish your casino account with € 1,000 from your Skrill wallet. The casino will pay a commission of € 30 for this transaction. If a player won € 50, ordered a payment of money, and then again makes a deposit of € 1,000 – the operator will not like it.

For an unverified (unverified) Skrill wallet, the amount of transactions in the account is limited (approximately € 200, but here at the discretion of the payment system). To remove this restriction, you need to pass an identity check and account affiliation. Not the most difficult procedure, for which you only need a passport, a residence permit (or a document with your place of residence) and your photo with a piece of paper, which is written on hand: “Skrill”.

All this is necessary for our safety with you in order to avoid fraud and money laundering. Actually, these are standard requirements for British payment systems that guarantee the protection of both personal and financial data.

For active users there is a VIP status program. There are only 5 of them (Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond), with each status appear:

  • new advantages (for example, the ability to create a second account in a different currency)
  • commissions are reduced or completely removed,
  • maximum limits are increased or completely removed.

Skrill is actively working with online casinos and right on the payment site you can find exclusive offers – just go to the tab with the appropriate name. Online casinos Skrill uk are always ready to accept new players.

Commissions in Skrill casinos online will be deducted from the account without VIP status for almost everything (except for replenishing the casino): for replenishing the wallet (1%), for withdrawing to the bank card (4.99% / 7.5% – VISA / MasterCard), for internal transfer (3%), per conversion (3.79%). Plus limits on all transfers.

You can reduce commissions – you need to make transfers to a casino (or other gambling resource) in the amount of:

  • from € 6,000 for Bronze status,
  • from € 15,000 for Silver status,
  • from € 45,000 € – for Gold
  • from € 90,000 € – for Diamond

The amount must be made within one calendar quarter. And already from Silver there will be significantly lower commissions, free internal transfers, a free Skrill card order, almost no limit on input / output and the ability to open a second account in another currency.

Please note that the Skrill card is convenient only when paying in stores, when withdrawing from ATMs. It is better not to use it for transfers in online casinos, since a commission fee of 4% appears.

The system is available in 14 languages. Everyone can instantly open a free account. On the main page of the Skrill website in the top menu there is a button “Register an account”. By clicking it, you go to the account registration form. The procedure takes place in 5 stages:


  • Fill in the fields where you need to enter an email address and come up with a password. Click “Next” and go to the next page.
  • Enter the name, surname in Latin letters and the date of birth.
  • After that, you select the country of residence and currency for settlements.
  • Address, city, zip code.
  • Enter the mobile number, confirm that you are not a robot, agree to the “Terms and Conditions”.
  • Congratulations, the account is opened.

If to sum up, Skrill is a gambling friendly payment system, as it was originally focused specifically on the gambling business. So, feel free to choose a casino with Skrill! All the casinos online Skrill give full instruction on how to use it.


Skrill Casino Bonuses

When it comes to sports betting or gambling in general, the efficiency and reliability of the Skrill payment system is reaffirmed. The fact is that due to favorable financial and legislative conditions, a large number of online bookmakers and casinos are managed from island states such as Antigua and Barruda or Malta. Therefore, traditional money transfers to these countries can be a very complicated and expensive procedure, both in terms of time and in terms of money, and  Skrill online casinos will make it easy, fast and convenient.

Online casinos that use Skrill are numerous but Skrill bonuses and promotions are rare. Nowadays casinos with Skrill are quite numerous and this payment method in them is rather popular. As a result,  casinos usually don’t offer a specific bonus.

Still, nowadays there are some websites with special offer for a match bonus (usually between 10% – 15%) for payments made with Skrill. In fact online casinos with Skrill offer a certain percentage of deposit, that is matched by the casino. As a result, it’s reflected in the account as a bonus.

This bonus can be used by players to play games and / or withdraw it in online casinos Skrill.

However, before doing this, there may be some wagering requirements.