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When it comes to choosing a payment method at an online casino, not many payment systems can compare in simplicity and convenience with PayPal. Before you start using PayPal in the online casino in which you play, first find out if this payment method is available in it, such information is usually provided on the payment methods page. However, in order to make your life easier, on our website we present you the best online casinos that accept PayPal payments.

The advantage of making paypal casinos is not only the instant crediting of funds, but also the fact that you do not have to create an account to conduct such a transaction. You can simply “bind” your credit or debit card to a PayPal guest account, which allows you to make payments with little effort with a small commission, depending on the amount of your deposit. However, if you want to withdraw your winnings, you will need to create a free PayPal account. This can be done in minutes and without any cash costs. Keep in mind that the same fees will be charged for withdrawals as when depositing funds, and it will take several days for the money you win to be transferred to your account.

PayPal is one of the most popular payment methods among online casino players, as your bank will not know about your gambling activity. You can fully rely on PayPal, which will protect your data and information about your activities, which is very convenient for players who want to maintain their integrity and confidentiality.

Note: online casinos that accept paypal are not available to US players. Alternative ways for these players could be Neteller, Skrill or EcoPayz.


A Brief History

PayPal Holdings, Inc. Is an American company based in San Jose, California, which operates as an international electronic payment system. This payment system is absolutely safe and can be used for money transfers in online mode. This system is ideal for those who are looking for an alternative to checks and bank transfers. PayPal was founded in 1998 and was founded by Ken Howery, Luke Nosek, Max Levchin, Peter Thiel and Ilon Musk. PayPal was founded as a result of the merger of Confinity and X.com, and in 2002 it became the world famous payment system.

PayPal was owned by eBay from 2002 to July 2015, and in 2015, eBay and PayPal became separate companies. PayPal works as a payment acceptor for most commercial users, auction sites, and online merchants such as online casinos. Anyone in the world can access PayPal from a computer, or from a tablet or mobile device. The software can even be downloaded as an application from the Google Playstore or iOS App Store.

The amazing thing is that casinos with paypal deposit and its employees never become too self-confident and never stop developing. They continue to look for ways to improve, improve the quality of services and continue to strive to eliminate failures or problems in record time. In 2013, PayPal acquired IronPearl and Braintree, the first of which is a startup, the goal of which is to make the services and products offered as attractive as possible for Internet users, and the second specializes in mobile and web payment systems for e-commerce companies. The rationale for these acquisitions was the desire to improve and develop mobile and development services.

If you are looking for the safest and easiest way to shop online, then PayPal is a great solution. This company quickly won the target market and became a world leader among payment systems, and now it is used by more than 203 million people around the world. PayPal is available in 202 countries and offers 25 currencies for your convenience. Another advantage of using PayPal is that you can make payments from all over the world, in different currencies and in different languages.


Deposit Using PayPal

One of the benefits of casinos that accept paypal is that the fee system is simple and straightforward. On the PayPal website you can easily find a page with detailed information about all fees. They do not have an annual fee, as well as registration fees for or for the termination of use, which makes this system ideal for new users. Some of PayPal commissions are quite high, but the pricing structure is very competitive compared to other payment services.

There are two options for sellers, in both cases you will not be charged any fees, there is also a Payments Pro tariff plan that will cost you about $ 30 per month. The advantage for sellers using the Payments Pro tariff plan is that customers can complete the purchase directly on their website without being redirected to online casinos paypal uk. Payments Pro users also have access to a virtual terminal that allows them to accept payments by phone, mail, and fax.

For owners of a personal PayPal account, online purchases or purchases in stores are free. If you transfer money to a user’s account from another country, a small transaction fee may be charged to you, usually a fee is charged from the sender. No matter what transaction you make, as long as you do not sell anything, you will not have to pay a commission. Any transfer made using a linked bank account is always free, while a small fee of $ 0.25 is charged on transfers using your debit card. The fee for sending money to friends and relatives may vary, but all fees are clearly displayed on the corresponding page. PayPal also states that users will be notified of the increase in fees 30 days in advance.

Some commissions, especially for sellers, can be high. At the same time, paypal casinos uk is perfect for players who need to replenish their account.


Withdraw from a PayPal Casino

Operations to replenish your account or withdraw funds can be performed in record time using your PayPal account. The best part is that these transactions are usually free. The minimum amount to replenish your account is $ 10, the payment will be instantly credited to your PayPal account. The minimum amount for transferring funds is also 10 US dollars, the processing of this operation usually takes up to 24 hours. If you request a bank transfer, this may take up to 3 business days.

One of the biggest stumbling blocks for most online payment systems in online casinos that use paypal  is the user’s uncertainty about security. You are aware of the risks and benefits of standard payment methods, such as credit cards, in terms of security and protection. PayPal is one of the most reliable payment service providers on the Internet.

Speaking as a buyer, in online casinos paypal you are fully protected and receive guarantees that if something goes wrong as planned, and the product you purchased does not come or does not match the description provided by the supplier, PayPal will refund you the entire amount spent on this product. You will be reimbursed even the postage for which you paid. Buyer protection from PayPal extends to online purchases on sites such as eBay and others.


Besides financial support, PayPal is also focused on providing online casinos with paypal with the necessary protection and peace of mind that you deserve. You can be absolutely sure that all your financial information will in no case be transferred to third parties. PayPal also uses digital encryption (SSL) technologies that protect your online transactions from the beginning to the end of the process. The site also ensures that all transactions are monitored around the clock, and if something seems suspicious to you, you can immediately contact the support team and prevent fraud.

If you are looking for more detailed information on what exactly is the Purchase Protection Buyer Protection Program, please go to the PayPal website for more details. You will find on the website a section where all the necessary information on what this program applies to is sufficiently detailed. It is always best to have a full understanding of what you can expect in the event of an unforeseen situation.


Why Use PayPal in Online Casinos?

If you need one more reason to start using this online payment system, here it is – PayPal has won more than 20 awards. The site has been repeatedly recognized as the best in the online industry and in the business community.

Some of his recent awards include the 2006 Webby Award and the 2006 Webby People’s Voice Award, both in the Best Financial Services Site category.

The quality of support service in paypal online casinos is one of the things that can both raise any company to a high level and cause its collapse. As a user of products and services, it is important for you to know that you, as a client, can receive the necessary help in a timely manner. When using PayPal, you can be sure that your peace of mind is one of the key priorities of the PayPal team.

The company offers various ways of contacting a support representative, including by phone, via chat, and a section with the most frequently asked questions and detailed answers to them is also available. The help center also has a convenient search function that will help you find answers to your questions faster. PayPal is also incredibly active on popular social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, as well as on its personal blog. On Twitter you can even directly ask them questions, you will receive an answer almost instantly on business days – from Monday to Friday.



PayPal Casino Bonuses

If your hands are still not itching to purchase a PayPal Extras MasterCard in casinos online paypal, then rest assured that this will happen soon. This card is one of the best credit cards, which provides you with the opportunity to receive cashback from payments at restaurants and gas stations. When using the card in such establishments, you will receive three times more bonus points. Purchases through PayPal or EBay Inc. will double your points, and all other purchases will give you one point. Roughly speaking, for each dollar spent you will be awarded 1 point, points are accumulated in your PayPal account, and later you can use them by exchanging for luxurious gifts.

Bonus points in paypal casinos online can be used to receive gift cards, vouchers and other cool bonuses. For example, if you have 2200 points, you can exchange them for a gift card, with 3000 points you can get a bunch of cool goods, which include sports equipment, household items and even electronics. And with 6000 points, you can get a cashback of $ 50, which will immediately be credited to your PayPal account. Those who do not immediately spend their points, but wait until they reach the amount of 15,000, can exchange the earned points for a voucher for booking tickets, as well as a voucher for renting a car or staying at a hotel.

An Extras MasterCard offers additional benefits and protection, such as extended warranties and customer protection. Some of the best advantages are price protection, which means that if the product you purchased within 60 days after purchase is found elsewhere at a lower price, the price difference will be returned to your account. Considering that quite often it happens that you find a product you recently bought in another store or on another site at a lower price, the above is a terrific advantage. And instead of scolding yourself for losing money, you can just smile, knowing that PayPal will always cover you.

It will also be useful for you to know about the PayPal Extras MasterCard – it provides a guarantee for the purchase of any low-quality goods, the guarantee is valid for 90 days from the date of purchase. It will also be nice to know that PayPal guarantees a refund of up to $ 250 if you are not satisfied with the purchased goods. Refunds will be made in cases where the store does not want to accept the goods back.

PayPal is a safe and convenient payment tool that will help to keep your personal data in casinos with paypal safe while you enjoy shopping online or in stores.