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Together with altcoins, Bitcoin provides the benefits of blockchain technology to players in online casinos around the World. The emergence of Bitcoin casinos has become revolutionary for the online gambling industry as it has taken features such as anonymity and accessibility to a new level. Now you do not need to worry about the intervention of third parties in your finances – only you and the casino are in the game. Complete anonymity is also possible in the era of cryptocurrencies. Due to the constant growth in demand and popularity, new crypto casinos open every day.

For this reason, we are here. Our site offers a list of the most trusted and high-quality bitcoin and altcoin casinos. As a team of experienced players, we strive to protect people from cheating by dishonest gaming sites and ensure the most comfortable and honest game.

From 2012 to this day, the attention of the whole world has been riveted to this cryptocurrency, first of all, of course, due to the staggering rise in the price of Bitcoin.


A Brief History

The cryptocurrency industry is growing faster than you can imagine. Bitcoin (or BTC for short) appeared not so long ago – in 2009, since then it has been developing in huge strides and today it is not only the most popular virtual currency among computer scientists of various activities, but also an innovative, reliable and fully functional payment system that provides access to sending and receiving Instant and completely anonymous transfers of cryptocurrency between users.

Every month, new casinos with Bitcoin deposit, bookmakers and poker rooms appear, where the possibility of depositing, withdrawing and playing for cryptocurrency is connected, or in addition to the other available payment systems, or even make it the only method for depositing or withdrawing funds. Among them, one can notice not only recently opened and little-known, but also world-famous brands that have been tested over the years. And the main goal of introducing Bitcoin is to meet all the desires and needs of its players, so that it remains possible to play virtual slot machines and table games with live dealers in your favorite casinos, the ability to bet on sports events and play online poker on bitcoins, but at the same time the most important thing is to fully maintain the anonymity of their customers and all their actions.

On most gambling sites you don’t even have to register a game account, and if you have to, then only with the introduction of the minimum amount of data that will be necessary exclusively for a secure login. Some casinos that accept Bitcoin will not even ask for your email, first name, last name or any other personal data. After such a quick registration, you just have to replenish the balance with bitcoins, making an instant deposit, after which you can immediately start your favorite game and have fun.

The commissions that are charged for processing Bitcoin casinos uk payments are scanty, especially in comparison with the usual 3-5% of the transfer amount, which are taken by “ordinary” representatives of electronic payment systems, for example, for the service of replenishing your game balance with dollars, euros or any other real currency.  Online casinos Bitcoin uk exists precisely so that you can withdraw winnings, and “third parties” will never know about it. In addition, you will not have to exchange the won bitcoins for real currencies, as already today hundreds of online stores and other retail outlets around the world will be happy to sell goods and services for your bitcoins.

The most popular online casinos that use Bitcoin are among countries where the law either partially or completely restricts gaming activities. For example, this is an excellent solution to the problem for most players in the CIS countries who have experienced various difficulties in finding a suitable casino and playing on gaming sites since 2014 due to legal reasons. And in unregulated markets, for example in the USA, players had to share their winnings with the state, in some cases, players lost almost half of their honestly earned money.

But now, thanks to bitcoins, players of any country can not be distracted by extraneous factors and fully enjoy the game in popular and favorite games, instant deposits with minimal commission fees and incredibly fast cashouts. And, of course, do not forget about the increased security of your wallet for casinos online Bitcoin and complete gaming anonymity.


Depositing and withdrawing at Bitcoin Casinos

In the case of users who haven’t had any experience with using Bitcoins, there are often more questions about where to take them, as well as any such. Below, we will write down the steps that you need to do to start playing Bitcoin casino for money.

Step 1. Lock up your Bitcoin online casinos. The most popular are Bitcoin Core, Electrum (for PC and Android devices), Copay (for computers, Android and iOS devices), Bither (for iPhone, iPad, Android), etc.

Step 2. Buy Bitcoins. For these purposes, you can use one of the exchanges such as Bitstamp, Kraken, Bittrex, Poloniex and the like. For this, it is necessary to replenish its balance with the VISA / MasterCard or the same bank transfer. As an alternative, you can buy them “by hand” on sites like LocalBitcoins. It will take you a little while, so afterwards you will forget about the large commissions and long-term gains of winning traditional casinos.

Step 3. Find a suitable place for the game. For this, we recommend that you refer to the list above.

Step 4. Make a deposit in casino with your Bitcoin wallet. After registration on the official casino site, you can go to the account and you will be authorized by a certain Bitcoin address. If you want to supplement the balance, it will be sufficient to simply transfer the required amount from your wallet to this address. Money crediting to your account in casino comes instantly and practically free of charge. After that, as the money will appear on the balance sheet, you can proceed to the gambling process.

Step 5. Get the win. After that, as you finish playing, you can enter the account and fill out the application for withdrawal. In the majority of cases it will be processed in the counted seconds.

Users are logged in and make deposits on the Internet for one simple reason – they want to try their luck, and also try to try to win. A variety of excitement diversions is one of the factors determining the choice of one or another casino. As well as traditional casinos, Bitcoin casinos online are ready to provide your customers with a wide variety of gaming machines, various kinds of roulettes, blackjack From the same leading suppliers of software with only one difference: rates in Catoshi (Bitcoin) and Altcoin.

More than that, most of the incidents you can do is get free, take advantage of their special demos.

Game machines on Bitcoins. The most widespread variety of casino games are video slots (gaming machines). Today, the network can easily find a couple of dozens of gaming machines on Bitcoins, among which there are also games with jackpots. Gambling machines on Bitcoins with a frequency control (provably fair) have a small dispersion and a higher percentage will be paid out (RTP), which can reach 99%.

Blackjack is one of the most popular game cards in the gaming industry, so it’s not surprising that there’s a lot to be given to the absolute abundance of bitcoin.

Roulette, headpiece, one of the most easy to play games, as long as the player needs to be selected number or color, and then done and done. The most popular Bitcoin casinos offer their customers a number of different types of roulettes, such as American, European, and French.

Live casinos with Bitcoin (games with live dealers) appeared approximately at the same time as the Bitcoin, but already managed to gain a huge popularity. And, together with the opportunity to play on Bitcoins, they and at the same time complete the breakthrough. Many casinos that accept Bitcoin deposits are ready to be offered to their customers with live dealers (roulette, blackjack, bac- kur and a number of others), but it can also be used.

Many items also offer to play Bitcoins in a poker, a video poker, bones, keno, various drawers, and bets on a virtual game.


Provably Fair Games. At a number of games in Bitcoin, there is a “distinctive trait” in the form of an additional opportunity to verify that the output results are verified. Such games are called provably fair games (provably fair games). Proof of clear games – this is just a breakthrough not only for BTC gambling, but for the whole industry. With it, the user may be able to ensure that as a result of the game process, fair chances / odds have been gained. Thanks to the hash encryption technology, the skeptics can make sure that the casino has no control over the random number.

Such games are still not very much, but they are. This is often provably fair blackjack, provably fair roulette and provably fair video slot.

In this way, playing on Bitcoins, you can instantly inspect the integrity of each of the outcomes and be sure that you are not deceived. In ordinary buildings, you can lie down on a random number generator and get a laboratory lab that has been erased. Here you can also verify that you can do this yourself. In addition, this function is available for each and for free.



The benefits of casinos with bitcoin are rather obvious and it’s esecurity level is rather obvious:

  1. Easy to manage funds. The only way to play in a regular online casino is to use a payment card or electronic payment system (such as PayPal, WebMoney, etc.) to make a deposit and withdraw funds. These are centralized services and access to your funds directly depends on their management, while using bitcoin for the game allows you to stay away from third-party systems, since the only one who owns and controls your coins is you yourself. Thus, you are free to make any transactions without fear of delays or any issues.
  2. Anonymity. Personal anonymity in a bitcoin casino is one of the most important factors for a player. While a credit card or payment system account is strictly tied to your identity, you can create and manage a Bitcoin wallet without verifying your identity or providing personal information at all.
  3. Transaction rate. Regarding the deposit speed – the above centralized systems are approximately at the same level with the cryptocurrency, but when it comes to withdrawing your winnings (which is a more important part for each player), it can take up to five days for the funds to become available on your card (however , more often faster). The withdrawal time from bitcoin casinos is extremely rare than an hour and occurs on most sites from our list instantly.


<h2> Bitcoin Casino Bonuses </h2>

One of the main advantages of Bitcoin casinos is that players can quickly and safely conduct operations with gaming funds.

Bitcoin is perfect for these purposes – it is a simple tool for quick replenishment of the account, which also does not require players to disclose any personal information.

The use of bitcoins implies that the user has certain technical knowledge, which makes them an ideal tool specifically for online players who, as a rule, are more familiar with Internet technologies than those who prefer going to traditional casinos.

Another reason Bitcoin is so well suited for online casinos is that its use does not imply the participation of banks and other financial institutions.

This allows you to bypass a number of restrictions, while the level of security during transactions remains the same.

Most bonus bitcoin casinos offer this currency as an additional means of payment, however there are online casinos that accept only bitcoins – for example, Bit Casino, Omni Slots Casino and Vegas Casino.