If you did not pay your balance due by 7AM April 29, 2020 or set up a payment plan, you will see a non-payment fee charged to your CCSUD account. The CCSUD Office Staff reached out to each delinquent customer which had current contact information on file in an attempt to either settle the balance due or establish a payment plan on April 27 & 28, 2020. As always, we encourage all of our customers to set up payment arrangements prior to their amount due being delinquent to avoid additional fees.

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If you are set up with or you wish to sign up for CCSUD RECURRING CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS you will be required to submit a new form with your information prior to February 1, 2017. If we do not have a new completed form by that date, there will be no way for CCSUD to charge to your credit card for your February 10, 2017, water bill and you may be subject to late fees. CCSUD customers are required to pay the monthly minimum charges for any meter regardless of whether there is water usage/consumption. 2.Once the customer has paid, they will call and the on-call technician will verify the required applicable payment has been received.

At this time, the request is for voluntary reduction by CCSUD customers. If the Stage 1 restriction does not allow for the stabilization of water levels and spring flows, then the anticipation would be a declaration of Stage 2 in the near future. The primary area which receives their supply from the Edwards Aquifer is the Willow Creek Subdivision and Havenwood Subdivision. However, we are asking all customers to use their water responsibly as continued hot and dry conditions play a significant role in other restrictions becoming active.

Drive thru will remain open located on the side of the building during normal business hours. Our office will remain closed to public interaction to protect our customers, employees and the community, however, CCSUD continues to be here for our customers. We are structured to provide many payment options to our customers for their convenience (by USPS or phone/online/night drop are all offered 24/7/365). Edwards Aquifer Authority has declared Stage 1 restrictions on permit holders in the San Antonio pool. This is a 20% reduction in the annual amount that CCSUD is permitted to pump from the Edwards Aquifer in that pool. As of now CCSUD kindly asks that our entire District practice water conservation at its best. This looks to be a long hot and dry summer season with no significant rain in the forecast.

In April, CCSUD voluntarily opted to temporarily suspend disconnection for our services to allow customers time to adjust to new circumstances. A non-refundable $50 application fee will be charged to all customers requesting service with CCSUD. This is required to be paid at the time of application or the documents may not be processed. CCSUD does not accept incomplete new service application packets.

The customer, account owner, must be present at the time of the after hours reconnect or the water service will not be reconnected and a $125 service fee may be charged. In the event that the water service is physically disconnected for non-payment, the customer may be required to pay this increased deposit prior to restoring water service. If not paid, this amount may be cause for disconnection of services. Beginning Wednesday, March 25, 2020, CCSUD will be running a critical limited staff only operation. The lobby is closed to the public, but the night drop/IVR/online payment system are all available 24/7 and the drive thru and phones will all remain active during normal business hours (7AM to 5PM – Monday through Friday).

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No other non-essential duties will be performed and we will not offer the after hours reconnect option during this time. If no there is no record of Capital Recovery/Impact Fee being paid, the customer may be required to pay for an Engineer Study to determine if there is available capacity on the line that would supply water to their property. If there is no record of a Capital Recovery/Impact Fee paid for a customer’s property, there is no guarantee that water will be available once a meter is removed .

Castings will reach ultimate physical properties at room temperature in 7 days. Castings removed from mold before recommended cure may exhibit a tacky surface that can be eliminated by exposing casting to 150°F / 65°C for 6 hours. Pot life and cure time depend on mass concentration and mold configuration. Beginning February 1, 2017 we will be using a new vendor/gateway for processing our credit cards.

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The customer, which must be the account owner, must sign a document, when the technician arrives, agreeing to the $50 reconnect fee or the service will not be reconnected. If the customer calls for an after hours reconnect and then refuses to sign the document, the customer may be charged a $125 service fee. If you did not set up a payment arrangement or pay the amount due by 5PM April 10, 2020 , then a late fee was assessed to your CCSUD account.

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