Fire rescue organizations are central to community models of resilience, especially in the context of crisis. The ability of fire rescue organizations to fulfill their role relies on their ability to operate at full capacity; however, fire rescue services may face internal crises that require these organizations to be resilient in their own right. This study uses grounded theory drawing on concepts of organizational culture and resilience to show how one key partner in the community model of resilience is working to address their own crisis—an epidemic of cancer. Firefighters are engaging in behaviours to increase resilience by working towards cultural change to reduce cancer risk, using social capital to increase networks and expertise, and utilizing internal assets to enact change. Barriers to change include cultural practices, perceived threats to occupational practice, and logistics and resources to enact desired change. A model of risk reduction and resilience is advanced that explores how organizational culture and practice both support and undermine individual resilience and organizational resilience.

In line with previous research on HROs, regression models showed that norms and self-efficacy are the strongest predictors of current behavior. However, postintervention, attitudes emerge as the strongest predictor of future behavior. The results of this study provide valuable evidence for utilizing theoretical elements in message design for interventions in HROs, and of the importance of designing communication for specific sites of intervention. “Burning Desire” was only available to purchase on the iTunes edition of Paradise and on most of the digital and physical editions of Born to Die – The Paradise Edition. It was originally available for immediate download with the pre-order of Paradise, but was later released as a stand-alone digital on March 19, 2013. The song was also used as a promotional tool for Jaguar; the company created a music video for the song to promote a new car. Music video”Burning Desire” on YouTube”Burning Desire” is a song by American singer and songwriter Lana Del Rey.

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The intervention focused on increasing postfire decontamination behaviors to reduce exposure to carcinogens among firefighters. While the intervention was highly successful in both fire departments, there were significant differences in between organizations; attitudes perceived norms, and barriers to gear cleaning remained significantly different. This highlights the need to examine the specific context of the organization in designing interventions.

Studies show significant association between cancer risk and being a firefighter. After exposure to even routine firefighting, firefighters’ bunker gear often contains carcinogens that may be absorbed through contact or inhaled through off-gassing, thereby increasing cancer risk. Awareness of increased cancer risk has given rise to policies and practices focused on gear cleaning and decontamination processes to decrease risk; yet, these efforts are in their infancy and tend to be somewhat piecemeal in nature. This study presents a theory-based communication intervention tailored to the unique context of high-reliability organizations .

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This study utilized Myers and Oetzel’s six-dimensional model of organizational assimilation as a framework to explore members’ assimilation into a highreliability organization —14 stations of a fire department in a major U.S. city. Qualitative data were gathered from semistructured interviews and participant observation. Consistent with the Myers and Oetzel framework, new firefighters did develop a familiarity with others, acculturate, become involved, feel recognized, and develop job skills. The firefighters did not role negotiate, but they put considerable effort into establishing trustworthiness. Furthermore, unlike newcomers to most non-HROs, newcomers were required to socialize themselves prior to entry.

The study also reveals how a strong culture and environment affect informal socialization and offers additional evidence of the reciprocal nature of organizational assimilation. In this article we examine the experiences of individuals who had been members of one of two totalistic organizations, the U.S. military and the Independent Fundamental Baptist Church. We used in-depth interviews to receive thick description of the organizational socialization experiences of these members. Through these interviews, we noted three themes that varied based on the participant’s biological sex. Both women and men described initial concern about the tenets of these organizations, but women expressed a greater need to conform to organizational norms. Finally, women did not believe that they could change the organization, whereas men saw some opportunities for change. These findings led us to question beliefs about the equality of the socialization process for members of totalistic organizations.

Previous research questions whether the association between socialization tactics and human resource systems has been properly explored. Based on theory, we present a framework that links socialization tactics and human resource systems for various groups of newcomers. In doing so, we contribute to academic theory by exploring the under-researched areas of the content and context of socialization tactics, while illustrating helpful practices to retain key newcomers in organizations. The article provides new insights into socialization tactics and human resource systems by bridging the two theoretical areas, opening up this conceptual space for examination by organizational scholars. We also discuss the theoretical and practical implications for human resource scholars and practitioners accordingly. Organizations hire in-house communication professionals to maximize efficiency in managing information and stakeholder relationships across various internal and external boundaries. Based on the findings, the authors propose a novel conceptual model of boundary spanners’ MN, future research directions, and pragmatic implications for employers of boundary-spanning members.

This work also supports and extends feminist standpoint theory by examining the process of socialization in totalistic organizations. “selective” as well, because socialization of Turkish students in German educational institutions leads to disaffection with their ethnical heritage and their social connections to German communities remains incomplete. Questions of cultural-authentic integration, connected with a strong bias for individualism, are answered by a new culture of immigration beyond class and ethnic community. Communicative Integration, enabled by public discourse, is causing a distancing from German and Turkish life-worlds. Turkish immigrants with a higher education do not accept a categorization of themselves through ethnic characterization; instead they construct hybrid identities, post-traditional communities, and active trust through the process of reflexive integration.

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