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Where can you find the best payout online casinos? When searching for the best online casinos for payouts in the UK, you need to consider certain features before registering. Note that one of the important elements that is often overlooked when choosing the most paid casino sites is the percentage of payouts of slots. It is always recommended to choose the best casino with payouts, which has the best slot machines. Note that we made sure that we listed the highest paid online casino operators in the UK who offer a quick and safe way to deposit and withdraw. The best payout casinos are available here!

Payout Percentages & Games

 The best payout percentage online casinos are available here. Although the payout percentage is important, this is not the only thing you should pay attention to when choosing a casino in which you can play for real money. Determining the payout percentage in casino games.

Slots Payout Percentages


Reel Play Poker 

Payout Rate 99.54% payout rate

Reel Play Poker: Jacks or Better is an online slot machine game published by Microgaming. The game is fairly simple compared to other games offered by the developer, and the idea is basically a multi-hand video poker game in the form of a slot machine. The layout is 5 reels with three and 20 paylines.

The symbols are all cards from a normal deck. This includes picture cards and all colors. The goal of the game is to get the best possible hand on a payline; and the payouts are made according to a classic video poker payout table. The in-game jackpot is of course the royal flush, which spends 8,000 coins. To win the jackpot, you must receive an A, K, Q, J and 10 of the same color on an activated payline.

There are no wild symbols, scatters or bonus features and what you see is what you get. Simplicity is the key. The graphics are simple and the design is simple, which is surprising given the new versions of Microgaming. For this, Reel Play Poker: Jacks or Better pays out an average of 99.54 percent of the stakes to the players and is thus the leader in the ranking of slot machines with the best payout ratio.

Goblin cave

Payout Percentage 99.32%

The Goblin Cave is not like the other games we are used to from Playtech. This is a very simple slot, and sometimes it’s useful to get back to the basics from which it all started. Another thing that attracts players is the betting system. In the Goblin’s Cave slot machine, you can place bets from one cent per round or, if you are a high scooter, up to $ 75 per round. In this game, you can often get 3 characters per line.

There are several characters in this game that are of great importance. For example, the ruby ​​symbol in this game is a wild symbol and replaces all other symbols except the treasure chest and scatter symbol. Thus, you will have more opportunities to get a winning combination. The greatest amount you can win is when you get 3 wild symbols on an active pay line and win an amount 150 times the bets.

On average, Goblins Cave has a payout ratio of 99.32%, making it an extremely attractive place.

Ugg Bugga

Payout ratio 99.10%

Ugga Bugga is a classic single line payout slot powered by the Playtech software platform. The wild card in the game is a wild mask symbol. To spin the reels with different drum kits and masks, players must first set their bet. Pressing – / + selects a coin size in the range of 1 cent to $ 5, and Bet One adds a coin to the bet on the payline. Pressing “Spin” will spin the reels at the selected bet, and “Bet Max” will spin the reels at the highest bet.

After each first rotation, players can press “Hold” to select the symbol they want to hold, and the entire reel will be filled with the selected symbol. Pressing “Spin” rotates the other reels while the held drum remains stationary and in place.

A jackpot with 1000 coins will be awarded when 3 jokers appear on the payline.

In the game, the payout ratio is 99.1 percent.

Ocean princess

Payout Percent 99.07%

This Ocean Princess slot is very simple, but so addictive. The slot is very simple, there are no free spins or bonus games, just a simple wild symbol that is rare. But the game is terribly exciting. At the first paid rotation, 3 characters will appear in the bottom line. One or more characters can be correctly held on all 5 lines of the slot using the hold button. Then all non-supported rollers rotate.

For example, with an initial rate of 25 cents for the first rotation, you can very well get an average profit of 10 to 25 cents (which often happens) or achieve a relatively high profit of $ 1.25–1.5, or even if one is very happy to get the most Big win of $ 7.5 (with 3 red stars). However, it’s all about luck and the initial selection of characters, and it’s good that, at least for the first spins, take a look at the payout table before you rotate it.

The bottom line is that Ocean Princess pays an average of 99.07 percent.

Tropic Reels

Payout ratio 98.95%

Tropic Reels slots can be found at Playtech Casino. Although Playtech does not publish information about the benefits of its games, several well-known Playtech casinos have begun to publish this information. At the edge of the Tropic Reels house there are several possible meanings due to the nature of the game. When playing with Max Coins with the optimal strategy, the casino advantage is only 1.05%. When playing with coins less than max with the optimal strategy, the advantage of the house is 1.28%. Suboptimal player strategy provides an advantage of about 3%.

Tropic Reels had 3 reels, 5 paylines, and you can bet one coin on each payline. The symbol of the tiger is the joker.

There is only one bonus feature when playing Tropic Reels. When you press the spin button for the first time, only the bottom set of reels rotates. Then you have the opportunity to hold certain symbols: all the symbols that you hold on the first set of reels are stored on all five sets of reels. The next time you press the rotary button, all five sets of reels will rotate with the selected symbols that will be held in place. This ability to choose and choose which symbols to discard and which to keep means that this game is based on strategy, therefore there is a mathematically correct solution with a certain set of symbols.


Payout ratio 98.94%

Cinerama is a very old Playtech game with a progressive jackpot, and the theme of this game is films, everything related to the films is here, and the player can even become the director of the film – in the bonus game.

There are only 5 paylines in this game, which means that the minimum bet is only 5 cents, and this game can be played with a small deposit, for example, 5 or 10 dollars. Payouts for 5 identical symbols are very high, as in any other slot with a small number of lines. There are wild Symbols that pay you 2000 times the total bet. With a maximum bet of 5 wild symbols pay a progressive jackpot.

There are no free spins in the game, but there are two bonus games: the first, which makes the player the director, and after choosing the actors, the player receives a little money. The second bonus game is similar, only films that are better than others and rewarded with money are selected here.

The game has manageable variety and is not as boring as in many other Playtech games. On average, Cinerama pays a player 98.94 percent of bets.

Mega Joker

Payout ratio 98.90%

NetEnt‘s Mega Joker are typical fruit jackpot slots that will be familiar to all players, both beginners and professionals. Most drum symbols are fruits, such as lemons, plums and cherries, but you can also find the Mega Joker symbol, which is also included. The design of the game is designed to make you think that you are playing on a physical computer in the lobby, and the graphics even extend to the background where you can find plants and curtains. While Mega Joker is not the most glamorous jackpot slot, fun features and sound effects make Mega Joker a truly fun slot to try your luck.

When the progressive jackpot awaits its winnings, the amount can increase in huge quantities, and this is an important reason why many players prefer to play in jackpot slots. The Mega Joker jackpot is no exception, and with an average profit of about $ 30,000 approximately every two weeks, it is not surprising that Mega Joker attracts many fans.

Mega Joker is a standard fruit machine that can be found in many pubs and casinos. All winning combinations are displayed at the top and bottom on the side of the game screen, and they contain flashing lights and typical sound effects. Mega Joker is a 5 line slot with 3 reels. You can increase the value of your coin at the end of each game, and it varies from $ 1.00 to a maximum bet of $ 10.00 per spin. You cannot change the combination of a payline because it is always set to 5.

Jackpot 6000

Payout percentage 6,000 98.75%

Jackpot 6000 is a classic 5 payline slot powered by the NetEnt software platform. To spin the reels, players must first change their bet. The size of the coin varies from 10 cents to 1 euro and can be set by clicking on the coins in the lower right corner. By pressing the “Bet” button, the number of played lines is selected. If you click “Spin”, the reels will spin, and “Maximum Bet” will make the maximum bet.

Each win automatically launches the “Head” or “Tail” function. If players do not want to play, they can press “Cashier” and collect their winnings. You can also use part of their total number by clicking “Submit”. To play, players can choose between heads, a profile button or tails that contain a hand. The coin is flipped and, if the players guessed correctly, their number increases. If the assumption is incorrect, the function ends.

If players bet 10 coins and win, they can select the Supermeter Jackpot function. Spin must be pressed to enter supermeter mode. When you press the “Rotation” button again, the rotation of the rollers begins. In this function, the bet level is automatically 20 coins, and all 5 paylines are active. If 3 wild symbols and a bet of 10 coins appear on the active pay line, a jackpot of 6,000 coins will be drawn.

The game pays players an average of 98.75 percent of bets.

Triple profit

Payout percentage 98.72%

Triple Profits is a popular classic single payline slot powered by the Playtech software platform. The wild symbol of the game is the gold bar symbol, and the symbol that launches the bonus game is a cash card.

Before spinning the reels, which are filled with dollar signs and money bags, players must choose their bet. – / + changes the size of the coin, which ranges from one cent to 100 dollars. If you click “Bet One”, a coin will be added to the bet on the payline. Spin launches the game, and Bet Max spins the reels with the highest bid. After the first rotation, players can select the symbol they want to hold by pressing “Hold” to fill the entire reel with this symbol. If you press “Spin” again, the other reels will spin until the held drum remains intact.

To enter the bonus game, players must collect 3 monetary symbols in a row. If there are 3 stacks in the first row and 3 more in the second row, the players receive 2 bonus rounds. The same applies to 3. In the bonus game, players must choose 2 bags of 12 or 3 of 12 if they played at the maximum bet. In the pockets of the players waiting for the prize.


Best Methods for Fast Cash Outs 

Casinos with best payout often depend on the casino, but there are things you can do to get your money fast. The main influence is exerted by your deposit methods, since each of them will differ slightly in processing time. 

We have listed the methods that offer the fastest processing time so you can make a more informed decision when it comes to withdrawing funds. The best payout casinos online use different payment methods. 

The best payment methods: 

  • PayPal. One of the most accepted and popular methods for online payments is through PayPal. Real money online casinos often work with this company.
  • Skrill. Processing a Skrill e-wallet is very simple and fast and remains one of the safest online casino payment methods.
  • Neteller. The Neteller eWallet works like a virtual wallet. For example, you deposit money from your checking or credit card account into the e-wallet as if you were withdrawing it as cash and putting it in your wallet.
  • VISA Debit. This payment method has a payout rate of 2-5 business days. Visa enables each customer to choose the payment method that best suits them.
  • VISA Electron. This payment method has a payout speed of 2-5 business days. Online casinos accept Visa for many reasons, but security and customer protection come first. Visa takes special care to ensure that hackers and criminals have no chance of stealing information or identities.
  • Maestro. This payment method has a payout rate of 2-5 business days. A Maestro card is a debit card from the MasterCard company that you can use internationally for payments and cash withdrawals. Unlike a credit card, you don’t have to pay an invoice later.

How to Cash Out at An Online Casino

Online casinos with the best payout are not a myth. Making a withdrawal from an online casino is simple. You can find all the necessary info about the best payout online casinos UK. Most online casinos will provide players with the most simple withdrawal process. If a player needs help with the first withdrawal of funds, here’s how to cash out money in 3 stages:

  • Use your account and go to the contributions page.
  • Choose a payment method that is right for you.
  • Enter your billing information.